A Summer Bucket List for 2015


In contemplating summer lately, I’ve been hoping to be a little more intentional about our activities over the next couple of months. Since my daughter is not in school yet, and the weather is still relatively chilly in these parts, our summer sometimes tends to blend into the rest of the year, and before I know it a good chunk of it has slipped by.

Last summer I created a small ‘bucket list’ of fun activities I’d like to see happen over the season, and it served as a reminder to try and include those things. It was fun both to anticipate them and see them checked off the list. This year I would also like to tackle a few of the items that I didn’t get to last year (I’m looking at you, grilled pizza).

We have some travel plans and visitors coming that will build in a little fun automatically, and below are a few other things that would be nice to do. Some are extensions of pastimes we already have and are easy to incorporate, while a few will require a bit of planning.

  • Visit the Farmer’s Market in our city at least once.
  • Take better advantage of local produce (in keeping with the first point!). At least twice, visit one of our great local farms when I need fresh veggies, rather than the supermarket.
  • Try out the new splash pad at one of our local parks.
  • Spend some time at the beach with the kiddo, check out the rocks and watch the waves.
  • Try our hand at flying a kite.
  • Go on a Lighthouse Picnic, which we haven’t done for a few years.
  • Check out a u-pick with the kiddo.
  • Go swimming at least once a week.
  • Take advantage of the deck and backyard and have some meals and snacks outside at home.
  • Take a picnic to the park.
  • Seek out opportunities for some summer activities around the city that might be nice to try out.
  • Learn to properly use our barbeque on my own. I never have. This has nothing to do with the grill being the domain of any one gender, and everything to do with my tendency to be a little accident prone.  So I’m going to very cautiously proceed on this one.
  • Try making pizza on the grill!
  • Host some barbeques with friends and family.


I’m going to try and make plans to see how many of these I can squeeze in, and will report back at the end of August to see how we did. The point of thinking about these activities ahead of time is not to try and check everything off a perfect list (although I do love me a good list), but to make time for some fun and relaxing activities that sometimes can get lost in the shuffle and routine.

What is on your summer bucket list?

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