Getting Back To It

Freshly-picked dandelions.

It has been a while since I’ve updated here.  About eight months to be exact…yikes!

Things dropped off a lot in the fall last year.  It felt like a lot of my posts, while I was writing about things I am genuinely interested in and am often passionate about (yep, I am truly passionate about smoothies), were a little wooden.  Being somewhat reserved, I hold back a lot, and additionally I wanted to write about things that very often did not fit with the theme of my blog, such as it is.

However, I want to continue to blog and feel it is a great outlet to get some of my thoughts out into the world.

So where to go from here?  As I have discussed in previous posts, being a stay-at-home mom is my  primary occupation at the moment.

As such, a lot of what I am compelled to write about concerns things like cultivating contentment, day-to-day life with a preschooler, finding outlets to maintain sanity, juggling priorities, food, the joys and tribulations of feeding kids, meal planning…and the list could go on.  While I have not wanted to have a ‘mommy’ blog per se, it is a key part of my identity, so some of my writing is naturally going to fall into this category.

The fact is, there are a lot of things going on right now.  We are all so many things and our roles change as we pass through different seasons.  I am a wife, mom, writer, friend, feminist, daydreamer, music lover, avid reader, and home cook. I am a trained researcher and am interested in social change. I like finding ways to be creative, and I like exploring the minutiae of everyday life.  I want to write about the other things that are of interest to me, too.

To a certain extent, the theme of my posts will not change dramatically, for the aforementioned reasons!  But since this is a personal blog, I want to write a bit more generally, and see what sticks in terms of a more specific focus.

If you are reading this, I hope you will follow along to see how it goes! See you in a week or so.



Hello there, dear reader.  I am learning some lessons the past few months about the likelihood of being able to post regularly when our usual routine is disrupted – even in a good way, like road tripping for the last several days. I had more than intention, I had plans to squeeze in a few quick posts, but they did not happen.  (Much like back in April.)  Hence the soothing sound of crickets you now hear in this space.

So.  Regular posting will resume shortly. I look forward to enjoying a few more sunrises – like the one above! – and getting back to it.

8 Things Making Me Happy Right Now

There’s just something about that first cup…

I always enjoy reading posts where writers blog about lists of things that they love or are making them happy at the moment. In a blog-verse filled with an abundance of negativity, it’s like finding a little pocket of joy. If you will indulge me, here is my own list of things I am particularly enjoying at the moment.

1. This Blog

Whether it’s read by hundreds or just my close family and friends (more likely), I’ve really been enjoying the process of maintaining and creating this blog. Although I write regularly for myself, it is exhilarating and fun to put my thoughts out there in a public way. Scary, but fun.

2. Getting Up Early

As in an hour or two before the rest of my household. Since I spend a large portion of my day with a three-year-old, it’s an awesome feeling to get a bit of time to myself before she is awake. Plus, the world is so still and quiet at 5:30 am. Being able to do this depends on when I go to bed, so it doesn’t happen everyday. But when it does I relish the opportunity to read, write, blog, sort through photos, exercise, sip coffee or basically do whatever I want. And like exercise, it’s sometimes hard to get started but I am always glad I did it.

3. That First Cup of Coffee

There is just something about that first cup of hot, earthy coffee that is hard to beat, especially in a calm, silent house in the first hours of the morning (see above). My first cup is usually my only cup. Any more than that makes me jittery, but honestly the second cup just doesn’t achieve the same level of satisfaction as the first.

4. Sharpies in a Rainbow of Colors

No, there is no affiliate link to Sharpie here. I just really like their ultra-fine point markers! I use them all the time for labels and notes.  And in my stocking this past Christmas I received a package with a plethora of colours…I have to admit it made my heart sing a little bit I was quite happy about this. I’ve loved making rainbow flourishes to my labels. Speaking of which…

5. Labeling

For several years I’ve kept a sheet of small white printer labels in the kitchen for labeling items that go into the freezer. (They are easy to write on and for the most part come off containers very easily.) A little while back I read this tip at The Kitchn and was inspired to try labeling a little more in my fridge and pantry to identify leftovers more easily. It surprised me how quickly this became a habit. It only takes a second to jot a quick label, and I now know immediately when that jar of coconut milk was opened or what day I made the batch of brown rice. We are generally pretty good at using leftovers, but having the labels stand out when I open the fridge gives them a sense of urgency (I’m more likely to try and come up with a use for that coconut milk), and there has definitely been less wastage.

6. Smoothies

As you may be able to tell from previous posts, I am a huge fan of smoothies. Lately they have been a daily or even twice daily occurrence, up from a few times a week. They are handy for so many things: getting fruits and veggies into a toddler, getting fruits and veggies into adults, putting in Mason jars for a portable breakfast or snack, standing in with frozen fruit when there is not much fresh produce in the house, and satisfying a sweet tooth. There is a chocolate version involving strawberries, banana, cocoa and a touch of honey that I cannot get enough of lately (recipe coming soon), and my blender is getting quite the workout. Just…love.

7. E-Reading

I’ve recently become a convert to reading both e-books from my local library as well as purchasing them to read in my Kindle application. I’ve generally preferred to have a physical copy of a book to read, and that’s still my preference, but I’ve come around to the convenience of being able to easily read while on the treadmill, and also being able to access a book within minutes after deciding I’d like to read it. Plus, it saves room in our already-stuffed-to-the-gills bookshelves.

8. Playing with Legos

I’m thrilled that my daughter is now at an age where she is interested in building with original Lego bricks, rather than just trying to eat them. Between myself and my husband’s childhood stashes, she has quite the collection. Under her direction, we’re currently building a little compound that includes two mini houses, a corral to accommodate various Little People animals, a shed and a main house that keeps climbing upward.

What little (or big!) things are making you happy right now?



Hi there! Welcome to Taking Little Bites, which I intend to be my little corner of the web to write about some topics that are of interest to me…and hopefully you as well!

The title Taking Little Bites reflects both the stage of life I’m in at the moment, in the care for and feeding of a small kiddo, and being as intentional as possible with my time.

Here are a few things about me:

I’m the mom of a very active toddler preschooler that keeps me on my toes, and I have recently transitioned to being a stay-at-home mom for the time being. (If anyone comes up with an appropriate term other than this SAHM moniker, please feel free to share, since there is a lot more to the job than just ‘staying at home.’)

I love food, and I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen. At the same time, the addition of a small person to our household means whenever possible, I am trying to keep things simple.

I’m also very much interested in how our outlook in terms of food, weight, and body image is impacted by societal values, and I am interested in exploring how this affects how we raise our kids and in particular how we feed them.

In short, I hope this blog will chronicle the challenges and everyday adventures in keeping our family fed, keeping myself fed , and having some fun with it along the way.

You might expect to find posts relating to…

  • Keeping perspective on food, feeding and respect for all sizes in a world that often encourages just the opposite.
  • How becoming a mom has changed my outlook and approach to food and cooking
  • Kitchen and cooking tips I’ve found useful
  • Meal and snack ideas and (hopefully!) inspiration
  • Kitchen adventures wherein I try out a new cooking project
  • Keeping up with a house and kiddo and how they relate to meal planning and feeding

You will probably not find…

  • Posts on achieving ‘balance’ or preaching on the perfect way to cook, organize or parent. I love reading ideas posted by other bloggers and finding inspiration in what has worked for them. I love to write and I would like to share some of my own experiences and ideas here. However, they are just that – my own! Everyone needs to do what works best for their own lives, families and resources and I hope that message is reflected here.
  • Perfect photos. This is not strictly a food blog per se, and I am not a professional photographer. Just someone learning as they go and getting a feel for the blog thing! I’m on a learning curve with photos and will probably be for some time.

Having said all that, stay tuned! I’ll be updating with my first ‘official’ post in the next week or so.